Thursday, October 15, 2009

Buying an Island

That's right, our very own Casey Serin is Buying an Island!

The law of attraction compels you to send him money so you can be a sponsor on his web page which he will not show to anybody if he feels there are too many haterz about.

Go on, read all about Buying an Island!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Syndicatered update

Here's a blurb about a "Thought Forms" lecture by Andrew Guzik.

Andrew Guzik is an inspiring young man that has a vast knowledge on thought forms.
Andrew will do a quick recap on the intro as a refresher and then get into the good stuff. He will address thought forms for health, healing, practicality and get into some of the heavier stuff like protection, global thought forms, attracting and repelling spirits, radionics, weather manipulation etc.

I'm glad to see he's providing a service for people and not just waiting for a pile of money to fall into his lap. I'm curious if he ever closed any loans or otherwise was able to capitalize on the knowledge he gained from Kellene Bishop, or what lessons he may have learned in the past year or two.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's been a busy month for some people. Not for our snowflake, of course, no month is ever busy for him.

October 6:

First, 7 Foreclosure Mistakes Ready For Download, Help Me Edit and Figure Out Branding ( discussion)

How about you download a "rough draft pre-release" version of his e-book and help him edit it? I can't wait to see what inventive new sentence fragments he's created.
Current "branding":
As you can see I decided incorporate 7 Foreclosure Mistakes into My Foreclosure Story which is going to be my full ebook that I will be selling.
Maybe having two separate products is a good idea. I really like the sound of 7 Foreclosure Mistakes. It’s a nice title and can stand on it’s own.

My Foreclosure Story is a nice a title for the paid book but I’m also considering I Survived Foreclosure which would be a nice play on I am Facing Foreclosure from before.

You also remember my old brands: Escape My House and Escape My Mortgage. I decided not to use them for now because I think the word “escape” may have a negative / illegal connotation and I think I should stick with the word “Foreclosure”...
Heaven forbid we have a negative/illegal connotation.

October 7:

Conspiracy Page Started ( discussion)

Because you can never have enough stories about how the Jews are behind 9/11.

October 8:

More Focus, Media Logos, Testing Brands With Adwords ( discussion)
I asked a few of you about your opinion on this. I got pros and cons on both sides. I’m still torn and it’s actually affecting my performance. Settling a brand is a pretty important detail to take care of early on.

So why don’t I just let the market decide?

I’m going to run a test today using Google Adwords, with my free $50 voucher (from my host 1and1). The ad will be the same but the domain different and the branding on the landing page will change depending on the domain they clicked on.

The domain which gives me the best click-through AND conversion will be the winner!
Funny, here it is October 25 and we haven't heard which one won.

October 9:

Nigel posts on donthatecasey - Leave Casey Serin Alone ( discussion)
At the end of the day, we can't blame Casey Serin. He was enticed by real estate seminar gurus advertising on late night television and enabled by lenders willing to loan hundreds of thousands of dollars to consumers with a mid-level credit scores desiring to cash in on one of the biggest real estate booms in American history. You can't really blame Casey Serin for this. He didn't invent the stated income "liar" loan. He didn't market half-truths on late night TV. He's not even the one being bailed out by tax payer money for $700,000,000,000. Let's not interfere in his life any longer. Whether he knows what he's doing or not is no longer our concern. Please, leave Casey Serin alone.
Wow. Well, he did lie about owner occupied status, hid cashback at close, and generally committed many felonies. And, he's a direct cause of the need for the bailout. So, I'm sorry, but I'm not going to leave him alone until he's in Federal Prison.

October 10:

Annoucement: My Live Show Starts Tonight, GoldSpring (GSPG) BBQ Tomorrow ( discussion)

Mostly he just pimps his very exciting talkcast and announces he's going to be at the GSPG barbecue on the 11th.

Later that night, he holds his talkcast. You can allegedly listen to it at talkshoe, but I think that reading the comments at will give you all the Casey quotes you need:
The Master Cleanse is like changing the oil filter in your car. If you haven't changed it for a while, it's gonna be pretty dirty.

Your body can create its own protein.

He has three weeks before he needs to make another payment to the hotel. Thinks he can get something going by then.

Got no time for books or theories.
Wasn't that more fun than listening to Casey?


GoldSpring (GSPG) Investor BBQ and Virginia City Photos! ( discussion)

Just pictures.

October 14:

Feeling Overwhelmed, Will Start Selling “Rought Draft” Tomorrow ( discussion)
I wanted to finish the iSurvivedForeclosure book this week but I’m feeling overwhelmed.
I’m on my second week of the Sink or Swim month and I’m starting to feel the pressure. It was especially evident when I open the fridge and there is no food left except for green “super food” powders.
But wine can only do so much, so I turned to God, the ultimate source of strength. I read a great passage in the bible (Psalm 27) and prayed for guidance.
This morning I was an early riser and even went to the gym for the first time since the Master Cleanse. Feeling motivated, I considered all the various half-finished drafts and fragments of text to figure out where to begin with finishing the book.

Then an idea hit me…

What if I take all the fragments and slap it all together into a “rough draft” and actually start selling it!?

Like tomorrow!!
He then updates
And Support Me in Building The Best
Foreclosure Survival Site on the Internet!
Reports indicate that the "rough draft" you can download after spending fifty bucks is 19 pages long.

October 16:

True Casey Serin Show Episode 2: Ebook Progress, Member Site Idea and Eliminating Haterz, Trolls and Toxic Negativity ( discussion)

Not much here except a poll asking how he can eliminate negativity from his life. "Get a freaking job" is not one of the options.

October 20:

About Casey Serin & Don’t Hate… Support and Appreciate! ( discussion)

Casey provides About Casey Serin and Don’t Hate But Support and Appreciate! pages on his site.

About Casey Serin has his life story, in a nutshell:
My Dream Since High School…

To develop multiple streams of passive income through internet, entrepreneurship and high-return investing with the help of various forms of financial / outsourcing / technological leverage…

… in order to escape “the rat race”, to never have to work a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) and to become truly secure, self-sufficient and independent

… in order to give back to my parents for raising me and providing me a safety net, to reward them with early retirement

… in order to have the freedom of time to build many close relationships and develop various skills/talents, and to have the freedom of location to live off-the-grid and travel the world in a low-profile, “Perpetual Traveler” (PT) kind of way.
Don't Hate is a rather long winded explanation of, well, something. I'm not sure what.
“If You Can’t Say Anything Loving, Positive or Constructive, I Don’t Want To Hear It or See It, And I Don’t Even Want You In My LIFE!”

I don’t need “Yes men” but neither will I put up with negative people that only want to drag me down to their level. I encourage feedback. If you disagree with me or with what I’m doing and truly care, you will find a way to say it in a constructive way.

The spiritual side is at play too.

The Devil is called “The Great Deceiver” in the bible and as humans we can be swayed easily, especially if we’re NOT walking close to God. Even if we have been forgiven and restored to a clean state with God, our old sinful nature, and bad habits, will tempt us, sometimes in a very subtle way.

October 21:

Is Barack Hussein Obama a Citizen? Don’t Like McCain Either. All The Same. Wakeup PEOPLE!!! ( discussion)

In which Casey gets stoned and posts at 3 AM without even the benefit of Doritos. Or

Some Thoughts… Blogging, Economy, Survival ( discussion)

Well, not so much thoughts as incoherent One World Government conspiracy ramblings.
OK, things may not ever get as bad as I (and other patriots) predict. But all my alternative media sources are pointing to a major economic downturn, a depression. Plus a war with Iran is very likely too. A flue pandemic is a possibility as well. It’s all part of the agenda. They’re getting ready for it. And you will never hear it on your nightly news, that’s fore sure!

A big financial or political crisis creates a perfect opportunity for the globalists/establishment/elites to keep offering us “solutions” to keep us safe and to bail us out.
Well, he almost gets it:
Then me talking about all this conspiracy / truther stuff… it’s only going to continue hurting my image. People will mis-understand and think of me as a lunatic. I want to reach out and share the truth but it seems to be falling on deaf ears or just making me look like an idiot.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Damion Lupo in a Tuxedo Kilt

After that last post I need something to sooth my nerves. Ah, just the ticket:
Damion's Awesome Tuxedo Kilt

Next: 30 Days in Hotel… Sink or Swim!

Next: 30 Days in Hotel… Sink or Swim! - discussion

This is another classic.

I’m back in Sacramento and about to check into a hotel for a month. Increasing my pace to make up for lost time. Foreclosure mistakes ebook launch to come shortly. It will be my first info-product business. Exciting stuff!!

I’m cutting it very close. My startup capital is running VERY thin. The next 30 days will be sink-or-swim time. If I don’t get some kind of income going in this time-frame, I will have to move into my car.

My money's on "unexpected 'income' from unsuspecting business partner/relative/credit card company".

Just finalized my check in. To pre-pay for a month of hotel I scraped up room on 3 different credit cards and a some cash. I only have one card left with $1,000 on it, $300 in my PayPal account (thx Nigel) and $100 cash in my pocket. I better make it last and I don’t want to sell any more assets.

It’s no secret that I’ve been financing the startup-up of my new Foreclosure Help business on credit. That includes living expenses. (This CEO doesn’t work for free, you know?) The total new credit card debt is at $65,000 right now.

Holy fucking shit. Someone loaned this asshole ANOTHER 65k? And those assholes are getting $700 BILLION of MY MONEY? Seriously, WTF?

Because of going through crazy financial hardship last couple of years and a divorce earlier this year I’ve been dealing with depression, lack of motivation and lack-of-focus (well, more than usual). So it’s taking me almost a year to get this business off the ground!

Yes, I put myself in a bind again, perhaps subcontiously. I perform well under pressure, but it’s not the ideal way to live. But what’s done is done and I’m here.

It's taken him nearly a year to write an e-pamphlet. Lack of focus? Hell, he's missing the entire camera.

And I prefer to avoid taking a regular 9-5 job unless I absolutely have to. (I may try monetizing this blog or do web consulting jobs if I must).

Oh, if you have to. You mean like if you have $65,000 in freaking credit card debt? On top of the several HUNDRED THOUSAND you already screwed us over for? Yes, US, since we are stuck holding the bill with the recent bail out?

However, my best shot right now is to parlay my foreclosure experience from the last 2 years into a profitable Foreclosure Help business through selling ebooks/info-products, referring services, etc. It fits into my goal of building passive income and I’m passionate about helping people.

Jesus H. Christ, I swear I'm going to pop an aneurysm or something.

Nigel Kicks Shiteweasel, Gets Stinky Shoe

When last we saw our Dear Snowflake, he was residing at Chez Nigel in exchange for some help moving Nigel into a new house. We now rejoin our story in progress:

True Nigel: Kicked Me Out and Left Me Stranded at 11PM - discussion

This is one post you should actually read. Unbelievable.

I was promised a free place to stay with internet connection and focused time to work on my business.

In exchange Nigel just wanted me to “help him move”. Well, I assumed that means a day or two, helping load the truck, help carry stuff, the usual.

It really turned out to be a 4-5 day thing where I was expected to not only help move but also clean stuff, organize stuff, build furniture and basically be a slave monkey for whatever Nigel wanted me to do.

I didn’t blame him and took it in stride.

Perhaps we had some difference of exceptions. I didn’t mind the extra work in order to earn my free stay.

However, I also didn’t want to work all day long either.

Really? Casey didn't want to work all day long? I'm shocked.

Don't miss Nigel's side of the story on Don't Hate Casey:

Oct. 1 - Vacuum furniture and help me move them inside. ? - 1 pm. No further work done. Car borrowed at 1:30 for short trip to bank to get documents(?) notarized and Internet access. Called at 6:45 pm to go to sushi, which I previously explained I couldn't do. Car returned at 10:30 pm.

Total time working for me - Approximately 26 hours in 12 days.

On the one hand I'm extremely pleased to see Nigel kick Casey like this. I have to say, though, Nigel - couldn't you have seen this coming? 26 hours seems like a lot of work to get out of someone like Casey, even in a month.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

September Wrap-up

Casey finished up the month of September in Utah. We're a bit behind here at Shiteweasel Enterprises, so here's a summary:

Yes, I’m a Serial Entrepreneur, My Ventures and Deals - discussion
Casey details his manifold business successes.

So how does my “batting average” add up?

6 hits out of 15 16 at bats = 0.400 0.375 batting average! (I miscounted, thanks for correcting me in the comments)

Or as I like to say, 37.5% success rate!

I’m currently working on my next venture. I’m VERY excited about the possibilities.

Something is Cooking and It’s Not Good - discussion
More conspiracy theories.
Troops on US Homeland for “Crowd Control” Starting Oct 1st - for the first time ever, never mind that it violates Posse Comitatus Act.

Nice job spelling Posse Comitatus!

More Salt Lake City Trip Photos And Progress - discussion
In which he promises to starve himself to death:
I just finished day 13 of the Master Cleanse and I promised I will not stop until the ebook is complete.

I’m serious!

Problem is that I’ve been flip-flopping a lot, last couple of days on how exactly I’m going to name / brand / position it. The original draft was way too rough and needed a lot of re-writing and tightening.

Tavington is Doing a Master Cleanse! Some Tips… - discussion
Don't click it. Seriously.
About 15 to 30 minutes after drinking the salt water you may experience an urge to fart.


I made that mistake… Good thing I only had to throw away my underwear. My pants didn’t get too stained.

That's all you need to know. He's willing to soil himself to further his lunatic conspiracy health nut wackjob ideas.

Breaking The Fast, Helping Nigel Move, in Utah Indefinitely - discussion
We finish the month off with a boundless horizon of happy days in a Mormon Paradise:
In exchange for helping Nigel move he is letting me stay with him for as long as I need. That’s very nice of him. This is a great time for me to focus on launching my foreclosure help business. Plus Nigel understands internet marketing and real estate so he can help me with my new venture.

But I don’t want to stay too long and wear out my welcome. I also want to make it to the investor BBQ at GoldSpring on October 11th in Virginia City, NV. So I’m not sure how long I will be here, we’ll see. Sometimes I like to take life one day at a time.

Bolding added. I believe that's what we call foreshadowing.